"Love this place ! Staff is caring, considerate and thorough attending to all our needs...and always some activity off the premises...movie, meal out, music in the park, library, muckleshoot etc"

-- Lee Ray

"You guys are doing such a fantastic job. The patients that come to you receive excellent care, lots of love and support. I am always 100% confident of the care you provide, so much so that when my own mother needed respite care, you guys were my very first choice. Thank you so much!"

-- Dr James Buttitta

"I've know Perliza and Napoleon half of my life. Very loving and caring people, always there with a helping hand. Caring is their passion!"

--Ann Stephanie Simple

"I've known the owners for many years, before they started their health care business.  At their previous jobs they were both dedicated and professional. They always put you first before themselves, either on a personal or professional level.  The quality of care to residents will come first before anything else."

--Elmer Bungag

"Beautiful, clean, spacious home. But above all, Napoleon and Pearl are some of the kindest people you'll ever meet. They get to know you and go out of their way to specialize their care. Whether Napoleon has to paint some finger nails or curl some hair, they'll do whatever they can to make you feel important. Can't say enough good things about Better Living AFH!!"

--Jennifer Weber

"If there is one thing I am most proud in life, it is having such good friends like Napoleon and Pearl. They are two of the most beautiful, compassionate and committed people I‘ve known. They love to do things with full kind-hearted intentions. Napoleon and Pearl, keep it up! May you be more blessed and rewarded for all the good deeds that you do. More Power!!!"

--Dr Abdullah “Okang” Dumama, Jr.

"A home sweet home where you can be living in joy and comfort....full of smiles around you and giving their best daily so that you can not be homesick or nostalgic but be at your best days..."

--Kori Ong